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About Us

We are a passionate and empathetic duo K M Khan and D K Chaudhary,

founders of this consultancy,

with a heartfelt mission to guide and support interfaith couples in India through the intricacies of marriage registration. Having embarked on our own interfaith journey and successfully navigated the process, we intimately understand the challenges and triumphs you may encounter. Our firsthand on-ground knowledge and practical experience empower us to provide you with personalized and comprehensive assistance, ensuring a seamless and fulfilling registration experience. With Love Registry, you’ll find a compassionate team dedicated to helping you embrace your love without boundaries while respecting and cherishing the beautiful diversity of cultures and religions that make up India’s tapestry. Let us be your trusted companions on this remarkable adventure, as we work together to build a strong foundation for your lifelong commitment.

We are available for

help you with the marriage registration process. We’re here to answer your questions, fill out forms, and guide you if you have any problems. We’ll make sure you have the right information and everything goes smoothly. Let me help you with this important event.

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1-to-1 Sessions

“We can provide you with great one-on-one sessions customized particularly for you. Our team values your needs and will provide you with tailored advice. You can rely on us to help you perform your best with confidence.”

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Our Courses

“We offer courses to assist interfaith couples in getting married in India. We will guide you through the entire process with trust and ease. Join us to prepare well for your future and to have a happy marriage in India.”

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“We organize online events (webinars) to inform people about marrying someone from a different religion in India. These webinars are designed to answer common questions about interfaith marriage in India.”

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